Friday, August 17, 2012


By Orson Scott Card

The first thing about this book, it confused the heck out of me. Because or the simple fact that there is time travel. Time travel has always confused me, considering the paradoxes and the fact that two or however many versions of oneself could exist in the same time period. And then he has the fact that you can take stuff out of one period or put stuff in or whatever. All very confusing. And half of it went over my head because I wasn't paying close attention. But I still like the book. :)

It's about this kid named Rigg and he goes off on this whole big adventure. It starts with him and his father, and they're out traveling the woods. But then they are separated and Rigg has to take their furs (they lived as trappers) and go find his mother in the big city. Except, he finds out that he has the power to change the past, but only with the power of his friend, Umbo. Then they go off and have this crazy adventure and you are left with an ending that you go, I totally hope there is a second book. And guess what? There is! Can't wait for it. :)

A solid 4.3. Didn't get higher because I didn't get some of the technical stuff and I didn't particularly like some of the characters. But I still encourage all of those people out in the world to read it. :)

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